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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I hope you are all well and you've had a good weekend.

Carne and I have been blown away by the kind words, feedback and support we've had since the first mix, SOLACE, was released a few weeks ago. It went to Number 1 in both the Mixcloud Global Classical Chart and the Mixcloud Global Soundtrack Chart.

Now it's time for the second mix, ISOLATION, that again accompanies Carne's Nature's Riches wonderful body of work.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 9th June, Carne will be doing a live paint on his Instagram Channel, @carnegriff, whilst both mixes, Solace and Isolation, will be playing. That's over 5 hours of gorgeous music whilst watching a real Master at Work.

Obviously it goes without saying why it is called Isolation and it very much acts as the flipside to SOLACE. As a result the Isolation mix is slightly darker in places, but equally as beautiful as Solace. Once again, I'm both hugely proud of this mix and to be involved in this project with Carne.

I first met the super-talented artist Carne Griffiths around 5-6 years ago. I discovered his work, was blown away and had to contact him to tell him so. What I didn't expect when I sent him that email was for a friendship to form like it has. Luckily Carne was aware of my work also and had kind things to say about Fluidnation and Fragile State. Which was a bonus. Carne is honestly one of the nicest human beings I've ever encountered.

Since that moment, we've long been planning a audio/visual project called Momentary. More on that later.

So I have created two beautiful mixes for Carne, SOLACE and ISOLATION. These mixes have helped Carne with the creative process whilst he paints whilst his initial sketches helped me create and inspired the mixes. It's a process we've always enjoyed since we first met. Art+Music.

ISOLATION is a mix that, obviously, stems from the current crisis and is slightly darker given the circumstances whilst SOLACE, the first of the two mixes, is breathtakingly beautiful and where we turn to for comfort, hope and love and light.

Carne adds "Music plays a very important role within the creation of a painting, in a way painting is an exploration for me, I begin each piece unplanned and allow things to unfold on the page guided by chance and accident. The music I listen to plays an important role in the creation of artwork, it provides a rhythm for the work and transports me to a place where things flow freely without interruption.

I have been working on an audio/visual project with Fluidnation's Ben Mynott for several years now and we have been collaborating on and creating a project called Momentary. As part of this project and as a precursor to Momentary, each piece of artwork in this Nature's Riches project will contain links to 2 mixes from Ben, Isolation and Solace. The pieces have both influenced the work and are a reaction to it. By providing the links to the music we are looking to recreate the golden era of vinyl, when you would first listen to an album whilst browsing the sleeve artwork and contents."

You can find out more about Carne Griffiths' Nature's Riches project here:


Ludovico Einaudi :: Divinire Remix

John Hardy Music :: Retribution

Keaton Henson :: Initium

Biggi Hilmars :: Soft Entrance (The Last Igloo ver)

Blomma :: Aurora

Dominique Charpentier :: Lueu

Flying Hrses :: Fearless

Hiatus :: Final Dream

Matthew Wilcock :: I Might Die Now And I Feel Fine

Armand Amar :: Castells

Oliver Patrice Weder :: For a Troubled Mind

Rachel Portman / The City of Prague Philamonic Orchestra :: End Titles Suite (The Duchess)

Ólafur Arnalds :: Only the Winds

Phildel :: Everyone's Memory Is Snow

Rupert Gregson-Williams :: The Anointing

John Hardy Music :: Phoenix Dance

Johann Jóhannsson :: A Pile Of Dust

Ólafur Arnalds :: Broadchurch (Fluidnation Final Edit)

Nils Frahm :: Sweet Little Lie

The Cinematic Orchesta :: The Workers of Art

Blondie vs Philip Glass :: Heart of Glass (@daftbeatles_mashup)

Danny Mulhern :: Night

Edward Rogers & Tony Morales :: Danny Comes Home

MJ Cole :: Cathedral

Grandbrothers :: London Bridges

Niklas Paschburg :: Duvet

Fragile State :: The Barney Fade

Paul Leonard-Morgan :: Last Forever

John Hardy Music :: Nightshift

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