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Ben Mynott - a DJ, Producer, Radio Broadcaster, Album Compiler, Music Consultant - has released over 30 albums selling over 250,000 records in the process. His Fluidnation radio shows on Chill Radio (DAB) clocked in over 80,000 weekly listeners (and many many more Online) whilst his radio shows for Fire Radio were firm favourites with listeners on the UK's South Coast. Ben's highly acclaimed Chillout Lounge albums for the iLabel have been hugely popular and big sellers with his Fluidnation fanbase. 

Ben Mynott was one half of the Chillout duo Fragile State  with Neil Cowley and London's Quiet Riot released the duo's first recording, Nocturnal Beats, on vinyl which led Muzik Magazine to tip the duo as 'the next big British thing'.

Bar De Lune released Fragile State's debut album, The Facts And The Dreams, in October 2002, as a CD, and, with Hoop Dreams, as a 5" and a 12".


In 2004, following the highly acclaimed The Facts And The Dreams, the duo released their sophomore set Voices of the Dustbowl which went straight into the UK Indie Album chart at Number 5 and into the UK Dance Chart at Number 3 - only behind Air and Zero 7 who by fluke all released their albums in the same week!! 


BBC Music described it an album of "bucolic impressions and beguiling dream-inducing electronica, electing not to be a Xerox of their debut, but a worthy adversary. It's that which may similarly see it being crowned as an Album of the Year".


The single "Every Day A Story", remix with 4Hero, a major UK act, was released in September, 2003. This was followed in October, 2003, by the duo's first ever UK tour, sponsored by the UK/worldwide fashion company, Fred Perry.


Fragile State's laid back grooves and contemporary chillage continue to successfully permeate the UK music scene.

Ben works as a music consultant and designer and has a host of radio shows currently on 1BTN, Brighton, Soho Radio in London and Totally Wired Radio.

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