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Weekend Players :: Best Days of Our Lives

The Cinematic Orchestra :: To Build A Home

Jonah Yano :: Delicate

Jamie Woon :: Dedication

Maxwell :: Everwanting/To Want You To Want

SAULT :: Wildfires

Peven Everett :: They So Cold

SAULT :: Strong

Michael Kiwanuka :: Solid Ground

Jungle :: Heavy, California

Tuxedo :: Lost Lover

Portico :: Brittle ft Joe Newman

boerd & Rondo Mo :: Ready

Mac DeMarco :: Baby You're Out

TSHA :: Sister

Gaelle :: Moonsglow

Future Islands :: I Knew You

Millie Turner :: She Was a Dancer

Kate Stables :: If You're Free

Phildel :: The Deep

Anna Of The North :: Believe

Annie :: The Streets Where I Belong

Millie Turner :: Eye Of The Storm

Roosevelt :: Belong (Kasper Bjorke Remix)

The Temples :: Strange Or Be (Jono Ma Remix Even Stranger Version)

Luomo :: Good To Be With

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