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Jon Hopkins :: Feel First Life

Biggi Hilmars :: Altitude Rising

Vetle Nærø :: Waves

Ólafur Arnalds :: New Grass

Rachel Portman :: Alex's Father

Mike Figgis :: Max And Karen

Fabrizio Paterlini :: My Perfect Time

Thomas Newman :: End Titles

Thomas Newman :: Letter That Never Came

Phildel :: The Kiss

Luke Howard :: Spare

Federico Albanese:: We Were There

Niklas Paschburg :: Journey Between Worlds

Grandbrothers :: Ezra Was Right 2396

Rupert Gregson-Williams :: Head Of The Family

Julia Kent :: Drops

Nils Frahm :: More

Paul Leonard-Morgan :: Always Here For You

John Hardy Music :: Messenger / The Kiss Concealed Truths

Ólafur Arnalds & Alice Sarah Ott :: Reminiscence

Minor Victories :: Higher Hopes (Orchestral Variation)

Erland Cooper :: Maalie

Rhian Sheehan :: Toward The Sun

Max Richter :: Never Goodbye

My new mix, L I F E, is here.

It's follows in the footsteps of

L O V E and H O P E

and is the final part of the trilogy.

H O P E, L O V E and L I F E is a series aimed to uplift the soul and showcase the three areas we've perhaps taken for granted and now have a better appreciation of. We've all missed friends and family and L O V E celebrates these reunions, these reconnections.

Without H O P E we have nothing.

L O V E is all around.

L I F E is for living.

Music is a great healer and there's always something to listen to at Fluidnation HQ

You can now also DONATE - to help keep the music coming - via

Thank you.

Stay safe and look after yourself and each other.

x Ben x

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