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NOCTURNE | Music for Mindfulness & Sleep

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

I'm hearing a lot from people and also read a fair bit on social media about how many folks are struggling with the current situation we're all in. Many are struggling with their well-being, their mental health and a lot are failing to get good sleep.

I've always found so much comfort in music. Its ability to give you an audio hug is a real help and something I've always been grateful for. I decided to do a mix called, Nocturne, with the aim of the music helping folks with their Mindfulness and Sleep. It's for anyone who would like it. For anyone who needs it. Otherwise it's just a lovely listen!

It is now up on Mixcloud, but if you would like a download link so you have it for your iPods, devices and whatnot, just subscribe to the Fluidnation Mailing List via the link at the bottom of the page :)

I truly hope you enjoy it and you find it of some help. 

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. Look after each other.

Stay safe. Be well.


Ben x

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