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Podcast: Dusk Dubs Artist: Fluidnation Title: DD0627 Style: Ambient, Downtempo, Deep House, Beats, Folk Rock, Synth-Pop, Indie Rock, Soul. Time: 125 Minutes Date: 2020-04-05

Dusk Dubs returns with another incredible journey through sounds. As always, our guest provides us with music that has a special place in their memories and in their souls. Music that moves them, that invokes images of sunrises, sunsets, good times and good people. We then play each record, in full, giving it breathing space and allowing it to shine.

This week we invite Fluidnation aka Ben Mynott to the Dusk Dubs family.


1) Brian Eno - Ascent (An Ending) Where to start? A beautiful track. A truly beautiful track. This is as close to musical perfection as it gets.

2) Jon Hopkins – Nightjar Jon, for me, is one of the most talented people in music. I spent some time with him over the years as I used to work for for his first record label. He's well aware of how I feel about his work as I tell him at every opportunity. Pretty much everything he does is flawless. The production is absolutely incredible. He's also a wonderful human being. I love the way this track builds and the electronic music gets taken over by the beautiful piano. Jon really is a genius.

3) Ólafur Arnalds - re:member Another modern day genius. I really don't say that lightly by the way. It is a term too often branded about. In this case it's very much deserved. I first came across Ólafur's music around 12 years ago when he was just starting out and had signed to Erased Tapes. I managed to see him live where I was one of about only 10-12 people in a recital room that he played a concert in. How he's grown in that time as an artist is just astonishing. Ólafur's success has also opened the door for many other classical pianists and composers and he's just as happy to share his knowledge and his stage with the others as he is to have the stage to himself.

4) Marconi Union – Sleeper This blows me away. Totally blows me away, every time I hear it. It's the opening track to the 'Ghost Stations' album from the Manchester-based trio. The album is fantastic and is one of the most underrated electronic albums of the last few years. For me personally, it's one of the best electronic albums of all time. I can't recommend it highly enough.

5) Echaskech - On Your Mind Another artist from the Just Music record label. This track is taken from their debut album, I believe, 'Shatterproof'. It's a track that has always stayed with me and brings back so many memories of the Big Chill festival days. I don't think I've played many sets at festivals over the years where Echaskech's music hasn't featured in some way.

6) Future Sound Of London – Cascade Still sounds amazing. Always has done, Always will. Stunning stunning track.

7) Rabbit In The Moon - Out Of Body Experience I remember hearing this around the clubs in London bank in the day and absolutely loved it. I didn't know it what it was called and then it turned up on the Sasha and John Digweed 'Northern Exposure' album. Love it.

8) Bicep – Glue Bicep are incredible. Their album absolutely shone. 'Glue' is a track that takes me back to the heady days of the 90's but it sounds like the 90's have been given a real upgrade. What makes me love this even more is that my 10-year-old Son is massively into this track as well which gives me hope for the future.

9) Luomo – Tessio Vladislav Delay or Luomo. Whichever production head Sasu Ripatti has on, he usually nails it. 'Tessio' still sounds amazing. It's a beautifully hypnotic track that gets right inside your head. The Finnish producer is an absolute Gent too.

10) Aim - Phantasm (Original Mix) I first heard this track when it was played to me when I was working for a record label in Chobham in Surrey. I missed the initial availability of the vinyl and spent ages trying to hunt it down before Stuart, one of the label managers, found it and bought me a copy. Aim at his very very best.

11) Lamb – Gorecki I've always been a huge fan of these guys. I've always loved their take on electronic music. Lou's voice is angelic and it was a real toss-up between this track 'Gorecki', or 'Gabriel'. 'Gabriel' was the song we had for our first dance at our, Vicky's (Mrs Fluidnation) and my Wedding. But 'Gorecki' is probably the track that I've played more out and it is a little slice of wonder.

12) Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy TUNE !

13) Malcolm McLaren - Paris Paris 'Paris Paris' is a track taken from Malcolm McLaren's album 'Paris'. I've spent so much time over the years listening to this album. It's kind of like a smoked jazz club themed album all revolving around Paris. Malcolm McLaren's love for the place is just so obvious and it's a really nice album.

14) Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle When I first heard this track I had to pull over in my car and I wept a the little bit. The way the piano builds on this is amazing and it keeps your attention without getting over repetitive. It hits all right notes and when it ends with the line "Love is to share / Mine is for you" that just about finished me off.

15) Mazzy Star - Fade Into You Hope delivers a flawless vocal on a timeless track. It's a song that never fails to move me.

16) Michael Kiwanuka - Solid Ground Back to current day, Michael's 'Kiwanuka' album was my album of the year last year. It's an album that deserves all the plaudits it gets and your total attention.

17) Marvin Gaye - What's Happening Brother I spend every day listening to music and every day I'm in pursuit of musical perfection. Every day I wonder, 'will I ever hear an album as good as Marvin's 'What's Going On' album again'? Probably my most listened to album of all time, certainly my favourite. The issues Marvin sings about here are just as applicable now as they were over 50 years ago when he wrote them. It just shows how ahead of his time he was. A truly incredible artist. ICON.

18) Kate Bush - Moments Of Pleasure To one of of my favourite pieces ever. Kate is probably my favourite artist of all time and this song is beautiful. No one could do this like Kate does. She's a national treasure. Her freedom and expression as an artist is so refreshing. I'm a bit obsessed if I'm honest. ICON

19) Carter USM - The Impossible Dream I must've seen these guys about 20 times over the years and in my yoof so I couldn't ignore them here. This is a great cover of a huge song.

20) Flowered Up - Weekender 'You're barmy you are staying out all hours. Oh don't worry I ain't gonna turn into a pumpkin am I!' This track takes me back to a happy place. I was a big Flowered Up fan and remember the video, with Anna Haigh in it ("What are you thinking?" / "Absolutely nothing") and waiting about 5 months for it to arrive after ordering it from WH Smiths on VHS. It sums up perfectly the daily grind and how we all live for the Weekend. It ends with "Make sure whatever you do, it makes you happy".

Word. Ben Mynott

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