Just Music Cafe Vol. 4 :: The Ambient Zone :: Compiled and Mixed by Ben Mynott

The Ambient Zone will see an October 29th release, although it can be pre-ordered now

(Includes Marconi Union’s Weightless : “8 min. 10 secs of aural bliss” Time Magazine – No.11 -Top 50 Inventions of 2011)

This is the fourth album in the Just Music Cafe compilation series: Volume One, a celebration of our catalogue; Volume Two comprised of sessions for both the AM and the PM; Volume Three took the listener on a journey Poolside.

We were inspired to create this compilation after a number of Just Music artists were commissioned to compose some music for a worldwide online campaign around themes of calmness, purity, relaxation and enrichment. One of these pieces, ‘Weightless’ by Marconi Union, a track combining warm drones and drifting sounds with occasional sparse rhythms, has subsequently been hailed as the world’s most relaxing song ‘proved to reduce anxiety by 65% and slow heart rates by 35% as the listener’s body rhythm syncs with the song’s’ (Time Magazine), attracting close to 5 million worldwide views on YouTube and over 800,000 followers on Soundcloud.

This track is now available for the first time ever on disc as the opening track of this new compilation, The Ambient Zone, compiled and mixed for us by DJ Ben Mynott. It is coupled with exclusive first releases of other blissfully ambient pieces created by Just Music’s Laki MeraDigitonalEchaskech and Honeyroot, together with a selection of deliciously ambient tunes from other Just Music artists and alumni including Jon Hopkins and Leo Abrahams, and also introducing music from new electronica signing to the label, Op. (pronounced Opdot).

This is what the album’s compiler and mixer, Ben Mynott has to say:“I have absolutely LOVED putting this album together. Once again it highlights just how prolific the Just Music label is – it defies genre pigeonholing –instead concentrating on electronica with melody, vocal tracks with meaning and instrumental tracks with feeling. The Ambient Zone is an album that just screams (albeit quietly) of pure class.

‘Masters of ambience’ Marconi Union kick off the proceedings with the majestic ‘Weightless’ before the subtle but addictive guitar-led ‘Flicker’ from Dan Arborise hits your speakers.The hugely talented Digitonal serve up some ‘Sense’, an exclusive track, where beautiful electronica meets ambient acoustic flavours. Exclusive tracks from new signing to the label, Op. (“Prelude’), from Echaskech (‘Little Rays’), Laki Mera (‘Under The Glow’) and Honeyroot (‘Radiant’) add further kudos to the album, while Jon Hopkins’ rare ‘A Drifting Down’(a stripped back reworking of ‘A Drifting Up’ from his album ‘Insides’) is as breathtaking a track as you’ll likely to hear for some time. Firm favourites and unearthed gems are here from Loner (‘Beneath the Ivy’), Leo Abrahams (‘SeeingStars’) and Viragi (‘Slowtide’) before the album closes with the gorgeous ‘Laguna’ from Andrea Terrano.

The Ambient Zone’ is a beautiful journey into ambient and electronica. The subtle beats and warm bass drive the mix along in a way that enables you to find that ‘headspace’, that zone. That peace. Whenever and wherever you choose to go on this trip, be prepared to zone out and float off to a place that has no troubles, no silly politics, no wars, no natural disasters. Just peace. In YOUR space”

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