The Best Of Fragile State

The support Neil and I have had for Fragile State has been nothing short of phenomenal. Even during the years since the project ended we’ve had nothing but good press reviews, radio and customer support. At the time, getting such accolades as ‘BBC London’s Album of the Year’ and ‘iTunes Album of the Year’ meant the World to us, as was going straight into the UK Dance Album Chart at Number 3 for our debut album ‘The Facts and the Dreams’. We were the only act in the Top 10 signed to an independent label – so quite a feat really.

But as time has gone by, and Neil and I have followed our respective paths in music, looking back at the time we spent as Fragile State makes us even more proud. In excess of 100,000 record sales later, that journey brings us to this ‘Best Of… Fragile State’ release which has come about entirely due to the requests of the public who has asked the record label for an album after the deletion of the ‘Remixes/Classics’ long-player, which has seen various sellers asking for $999.00 for it.

So hopefully this will be a nice retrospective for those who already know the music of Fragile State and may even reach the younger folk who missed it first time around.

Neil and I would like to thank you so much, once again, for your support. In buying this album, you are helping keep independent record labels alive, which is the most important thing in this industry.

Thank you.
Enjoy the music – music is life.

Ben Mynott
Fragile State / Fluidnation

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