Just wanted to remind folks that you can catch Myself/Fluidnation on Facebook here and on Twitter here.
Every now and then I post up an exclusive mix so it might be worth keeping your eyes peeled. Check out Fluidnation on Google+ too.

Also, for those folks with Android phones, feel free to check out the Fluidnation app (here) that features not only all the news and exclusive mixes etc, but also a live stream to Chill Radio (DAB) on which you can listen to quality chillage 24/7 and hear all the Fluidnation radio shows.

Finally you can also insert this link http://www.fluidnation.com/feed/ into your RSS app to keep up to date on the fly using apps such as Pulse, Flipboard, Google Currents, Taptu, Google Reader etc…

Once again, many thanks for your emails and continued support. x

One thought on “Socialnation

  1. Sam Pinner

    I am such a fan of chillout music!

    Any ideas on how I can get hold of the playlist for 15 January on chill?- it was amazing, not sure which fluidnation it was!!!???

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