New website launched!!!

So, we’re up and running then! I just have loads of content to add, mixes to upload, playlists to sort out. But we’re up and running, that’s the main thing.

In the meantime, I’ve uploaded the highly acclaimed ‘Fluidnation 50 (part one)’ mix, so head over to the mixes page for that if you’re after something for the weekend.

Before I start ploughing through all sorts of fluidnation stuff, I would just like to say a massive thanks to Stephen Pavlovich who put this site together at the rate of heaven knows what, and to Matt Barrett, who had given the site some gorgeous graphics. Thanks to you both, muchly appreciated.

One thought on “New website launched!!!

  1. mel kyriaco

    Very nice Ben, have downloaded your mixes, absolutely love the logo & pic at top of the webpage.

    Thanks for the music – its all inspiration!

    Mel x

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