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My relationship with the Just Music label is one I am very proud of. Amazing music and amazing friends. This is a fantastic album showcasing Just Music’s fantastic artist roster – this is an album I’ve compiled and mixed.

It’s out now! You can buy it here

The Just Music Café double album “Acoustic & Beats 01” extends over two separate CD albums the musical boundaries of acoustic guitar into symphonic composition, modern jazz, classically inspired mood music, folksy whimsy, textural ambience and muscular electronica. This beautifully packaged and boxed double album is the first of a series and uniquely features only artists from the Just Music label – including Jon Hopkins, Digitonal, Honeyroot, Future Loop Foundation, Dan Arborise, and many more – whose artist albums are all beautifully illustrated in the accompanying 24 page booklet. Both the Acoustic CD1 and the Beats CD2 are lovingly sequenced and mixed by DJ Ben Mynott to create an exquisite and total Just Music listening experience.

“The mix is further evidence that right now, this label is probably the most on the ball – not just musically but emotionally – on the entire planet”
Pete Lawrence (The Big Chill’s founder)

Just Music artists all have exceptional artistic and musical ability. From the ambient mastery of Jon Hopkins (“musical genius” IDJ) through the chilled beats of Honeyroot, (“one of the best albums of the year.” Future Music), the composition of Future Loop Foundation ( “epic downbeat”” DJ Magazine)to the acoustic beauty of Dan Arborise, (“beguiling acoustic guitar” UNCUT) all of Just Music’s artist roster share a depth to their music – whether they draw on their background in classical or electronica or from their all encompassing roots level musical lifestyle.

This compilation succinctly expresses what Just Music stands for as a label, and how the artists form the label as a whole – the understated irony of the label’s name is the essence of its appeal…at the end of the day, it may just be music, but in this case with a rare power to quietly shake the soul.

This double CD album stands as an artifact of true quality at a time when music is re-assessing its own value…

“Shows a diverse roster that’s in fine fettle… just add sunshine and scatter cushions”
iDJ Magazine

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