Just Music Cafe Vol. 2 – AM :: PM – Sequenced & Mixed by Ben Mynott

“just add sunshine and scatter cushions” IDJ

The brand new JUST MUSIC CAFE DOUBLE ALBUM, the follow up to ACOUSTIC & BEATS VOL 1 is out now.

With two compelling sides of cutting edge electronica acoustic, folk and symphonic composition to see in the dawn and see out the dusk, celebrating 10 years of working with our multi talented and highly acclaimed artists and including tracks from JON HOPKINS, LEO ABRAHAMS, DAN ARBORISE, HONEYROOT, DIGITONAL, FUTURE LOOP FOUNDATION and MARCONI UNION to name a few.

The album is once again all lovingly compiled and blended by that musical barista of all mixers BEN MYNOTT to make the perfect just music cafe listening experience.

The album is available to buy from the Just Music Store and iTunes

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