Chillout Lounge 4 :: Compiled by Ben Mynott

Work is well underway on the new Chillout Lounge album which is scheduled for release around May/June. I’ve completed the preliminary tracklisting and it is sounding phenomenal – really gorgeous double-album for the long Summer nights. Obviously the tracklisting is subject to change for licensing reasons, so as soon as we have the final tracklisting confirmed I will be sure to let you know straight away.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, head over to those nice folk at Amazon and order the first 3 Chillout Lounge albums.

Chillout Lounge :: Volume One

Chillout Lounge :: Volume Two

Chillout Lounge :: Volume Three

“Ben Mynott’s unearthed yet another killer double compilation for experiencing either horizontally or vertically, (or both!). Blending the deepest and sweetest ambient grooves, funky folk-tronica and timeless balearic beats. Summer’s here already!”
Tom Middleton

“For me, the person with the best overview of this current ‘scene’ is Ben Mynott and his latest selection is a perfect soundtrack for lazy languid summer listening”
Pete Lawrence

Downtempo New Grooves for Late Night Lounging

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