Albums as Fragile State


A Selection of Albums Compiled, Mixed & Sequenced by Ben Mynott


Just Music Cafe series – Vol. 1-4

With around 35 albums under his belt – many of those having been named ‘Album of the Year’ by various magazines, journalists, radio broadcasters, DJ’s, tastemakers and supporters – Ben Mynott continues to release albums with a host of today’s most cutting-edge labels.

His Chillout Lounge albums and the recent Just Music Cafe ‘Acoustic & Beats’ albums continue to fly the flag for independent labels whilst the vinyl samplers for his Nu De Lune compilations have exchanged hands for over £400. One Fragile State release sold for £800!

If you require any information about any of Ben’s releases, please get in contact, otherwise head over to the nice folks at Amazon.

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  1. martin reichert

    hello, sorry but i speak and write only a little bit english. I’am seller from germany. I would please buy CD’s from your label. Please send me a price-list from your CD’s. Thamks and best wishes Martin

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